• Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you pronounce Nuvoole?


    What is the lifespan of the Nuvoole box?

    The Nuvoole box is not like traditional routers. Since all the traffic is managed by our backend infrastructure, the life of the Nuvoole box is longer.

    How do I get software update?

    The Nuvoole box has an automatic process to upgrade the firmware as and when it is released.

    Will Nuvoole box protect the devices of my house guests when they are connected to my Internet?

    Yes, the Nuvoole box will protect your guest’s devices from Anti-virus & Anti-malware. Guest devices can also be added to a group with restricted URL filtering.

    Does the Nuvoole box work as a gateway?

    Yes, the Nuvoole box becomes the gateway. Once the Nuvoole box is removed the internet traffic is automatically routed back to the home router.

    Is Nuvoole box a VPN device?

    Yes, we route all traffic through the Nuvoole box, except for the audio, video streaming data.

    Is Nuvoole box an Intrusion Detection or Prevention system?

    Yes, since all traffic is routed through the Nuvoole box, the traffic is inspected for Intrusion and prevented.

    How do I plug the Nuvoole box to my network at home?

    The Nuvoole box is plugged into the home router using a network cable.

    What do you collect and what do you keep?

    We only collect statistics of sites visited. No personal information is accessible or used by the company. The statistics are used only for reporting usage patterns/behavior to the consumer.

    Do you do logging?

    Logs saved can only be assessed by the consumer. 

    Do you analyze traffic anonymously? If so, how do you do that?

    Traffic behavior is analyzed as an aggregate.  It is not linked to any individual. The analysis is done using our behavior analytic engine.

    Can the Nuvoole box be hacked?

    All traffic is redirected to the Nuvoole device through the Virtual Private Network (VPN).  So the Nuvoole box is safe from hacking.  

    Is the Nuvoole box a firewall?

    Yes, the Nuvoole box has a mini version of firewall to help manage the traffic from all devices.

    How do I manage the Nuvoole device?

    The Nuvoole box can be managed by using the Mobile App or Web console.