• How it works


    Security, Simplified.

  • Our plug and play device connects instantly to secure your home network and protect every device from hackers, identity thieves, and privacy invaders, anytime, anywhere. Nuvoole does not require software installation or additional configuration.

  • diagram_smarthome_nuvoole-simple

  • Plug and Play

    Simply plug Nuvoole box in minutes, and all your wired, and wireless internet connected devices are secured.

    Safeguards Your Privacy

    Your internet activity related data is analyzed in Nuvoole cloud, so rest assured there is no compromise on your privacy.

    App-Based Management

    Easily monitor usage and manage your connected devices from anywhere, at any time, using Nuvoole App and web-based Dashboard.

    Let You Be In Control

    Receive alerts and stay on top of events like unknown devices connecting to your home network, or kids reaching usage limits.

  • Devices Secured by Nuvoole

    Protect all devices including smart devices at home against viruses, malware, hacks, phishing, online fraud, spying, and data theft.